Safety at Wimbledon United Cricket Club

Following the publication of safety guidance by the England & Wales Cricket Board on the wearing of helmets by young players it is essential that both Captains exchange details of any young players taking part in the match on either side and whether such individuals have parental consent not to wear helmets. Unless parental consent has been given all young players must wear a helmet when batting and when standing up to the stumps when keeping wicket. For the purposes of determining who is to be classed as a young player the guidance for the current Cricket Season is anyone who was under the age of 18 at midnight on 31 August in the preceding year is classed as a young player. Young players representing Wimbledon United Cricket Club may use the equipment specially provided for the purpose, though they are encouraged to purchase their own equipment if it is possible to do so.

Captains must also take note of and apply the fielding restriction applicable to young players and must ensure that those persons acting as umpires during a match are made aware of which players are affected by the ECB guidance and what action to take if a breach of the requirements should occur.