Sunday Friendly 
27th May 2018, 12:00 am
0/0 - 0/6
HT: 0 - 0
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Home team win toss

Match Report

A journey across South London to the open expanse of the South Bank University Ground near Dulwich saw Wimbledon United take on Ploughmans C.C. on a fine Sunday afternoon.  On winning the toss Ploughmans asked Wimbledon to bat first, Gary inviting Rowan and Hash Ahmed to open the batting.  It quickly became evident that scoring was difficult, and although Rowan made the early progress with a couple of fours, he was the first man out having made 10 of the then score of 11, caught and bowled during a second over from McEwen that contained three wides as well as the wicket.  A large number of dot balls then ensued as Hash, Farrukh, Ryan Gresty (who faced 18 deliveries before getting off the mark) and skipper Gary all struggled to get the ball away and perished for low scores.  By the halfway mark after 20 overs Wimbledon had scored a disappointing 45 for 5.

John Hitchman was next to go, bowled for another low score, making way for Curtis, who joined Mitesh at the crease.  The two made one of only two half decent partnerships of the innings, adding 24, Mitesh being the next one to be dismissed as his solid resistance (7 runs from 35 balls) was ended, bowled by Ridgway.  Curtis seemed to be the only Wimbledon player able to make his presence felt and he began to remind himself of his youth as he compiled what little backbone the innings possessed as Andy Cripps (run out after scoring 2 off 12 balls) and Greg (caught first ball) came and went.  Five fours and a six helped Curtis to reach 42, putting on 28 in the company of Pete Brown, until he was out off the very last ball, caught and bowled by Lonnan.

Ploughmans’ batsmen also found things tricky as they started their innings, Wimbledon’s top pairing of Andy and Pete sending down four maidens in the first six overs.  After 8 overs Greg took over from Pete and Andy changed ends and in his third over Greg made the breakthrough, Hash Ahmed catching Meier at mid-off for 11.  As Greg and Andy gave way to Rowan and Farrukh, Lonnen and McCarthey made steady progress, reaching 71 at the halfway mark.  Farrukh it was who broke the partnership, which added 29, Hitchman taking the catch behind to dismiss McCarthey for 12, the score now sitting at 71 for 3 in the 22nd over.  Gary then thought it was time he had a crack and he secured a wicket in each of his first two overs, Hitchman taking another catch to dismiss Lonnen, who’d made a convincing 57, and Mitesh taking another catch to send Ryvves on his way for 4.

With only 17 required for victory however, and another 14 overs in which to get them, there was no doubt about the likely winner, and indeed numbers five and six, Wolledge and Rees saw the Ploughmen home in the 32nd over for a six wicket win.  Not much to crow about this week but for a vintage display with the bat Curtis gets the nod for Man of the Match.

Innings of Wimbledon United C. C. Innings of Ploughmans C. C.
Batsmen How Out Total Batsmen How Out Total
1 R Wije’dena c. & b. McEwen 10 1 G Meier c. Ahmed, b. Dean 11
2 H Ahmed c. (wkt), b. Silva 1 2 T Lonnen c. J Hitchman, b. Saxby 57
3 F Hasan c. (gulley), b. McEwen 6 3 K McCarthey c. J Hitchman, b. Hasan 12
4 R Gresty b. Lonnen 2 4 J Ryvves c. Patel, b. Saxby 4
5 GSaxby (c) c. (mid-off), b. F Ahmed 14 5 G Wolledeg Not out 17
6 M Patel b. Ridgway 7 6 M Rees Not out 5
7 J Hitchman (w) b. F Ahmed 4 7 N Ridgway
8 C Phillip c. & b. Lonnen 42 8 C Sliva
9 A Cripps Run out 2 9 R Buckley
10 G Dean c. (mid-off), b. Meier 0 10 F Ahmed
11 P Brown Not out 6 11 A McEwen
Extras W16 NB1 B3 LB1 21 Extras W10 NB0 B0 LB3 13
Total (for 10 wickets) (40 overs) 115 Total (for 4 wickets) (31.2 overs) 119
Fall of wkts: 1-11(1); 2-22(3); 3-24(2); 4-31(4); 5-43(5); 6-47(7); 7-71(6); 8-81(9); 9-87(10); 10-115(8) Fall of wkts: 1-42(1); 2-71(3); 3-90(1); 4-99(4)
Bowling Figures: McEwen – 8/0/24/2; Silva – 8/0/29/1; Lonnen – 6/2/14/2; F Ahmed – 8/2/14/2; Ridgway – 6/0/26/1; Meier – 4/2/4/1 Bowling Figures: Cripps – 8/2/28/0; Brown – 6/2/21/0; Dean – 4/0/21/1; Wije’dena – 3.2/1/24/0; Hasan – 3/0/12/1; Saxby – 4/0/10/2; Patel – 2/0/6/0

Result ~ Win for Ploughmans C. C. by 6 wickets

~~  Wimbledon United ‘Man of the Match’ – Curtis Phillip  ~~